$12.99 WS Transfer AND Renewal at SoxDomains


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Found a nice company with the best WS price for Transfer and Renewal at SoxDomains. 

SoxDomains is a reseller of MeshDigital, where I also have a wholesale account so I can confirm the prices at SoxDomains are legit.

SoxDomains uses WHMCS so the interface is simple to use and you are likely already familiar with it.  Accounts can be set up in minutes with zero hassle. 

They have a built in support ticket system and my first ticket was answered super fast.  They accept payments by Credit Card, PayPal and Bitcoin.

Of course, I only set up my account January 2017 specifically to transfer my WS domains that were worth saving. 

Transfer had no issues, one was transferred from GoDaddy, so I was able to fast approve and the transfer completed, domain in my control in my account within hours.

Another transfer was out of ResellerClub, so they have the standard five day transfer wait, I expect no issues though.

Very happy to save my WS for cheap, as of now, I am keeping FAIL.WS and STUPID.WS as an homage to what I think of the WS registry.

However, FAIL is a premium in almost any TLD and most already taken, so I am pleased it was reg fee last year and I was able to grab it!



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